GOLDEN RESURRECTION - Identity In Christ[starttext][endtext]

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  1. Alan Holanda disse...

    bom video

  2. Games para celular disse...

    esse vídeo e de mais
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  3. Anônimo disse...

    Check out Oriz promoviedo for their new album "II" released November 13, 2011 on Liljegren Records / Doolittle Group!!!!!!

    Share "Oriz" video on your webbpage and to all your friends and family!
    Oriz is a new band from Huskvarna (Sweden) who plays melodic hard rock with clear influences of music from the 70-80 century, such as Rainbow, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, but also has influences from more contemporary acts like Nocturnal rites, Shakra, In Flames, Edguy, Sabaton, Jorn, Gotthard etc. .

    The members of Oriz each have a history in the music scene and has played/plays with a variety of bands.
    Some of the band has toured abroad and also played as support for major acts such as Paul dianno (Ex, Iron Maiden), White Lion and others. Almost everyone in the band have training in the music industry and know how it works! Bandleader Alexander Oriz is also a trained music producer, producing music for a variety of other artists and bands.

    Oriz released their first album "Oriz" in 2010 trough the small record label Blue Topaz Recordings but because of their poor distribution contacts Oriz chose to part ways with Blue Topaz.
    The band then signed a contract with "Doolittle group" for their new release "II"

    "Doolittle group" run by former "Narnia" member "Christian Liljegren" has delivered lots of great bands like Divine Fire, Golden Resurrection, Reinxeed, Audio Vision, Grimmark, Swedish Hitz goes metal, etc..

    Oriz is now highly topical with their second release called "II", released worldwide in November 2011 by "Doolittle group" and contains a stronger material than ever and is a heavy metal fest never too forget! (A MUST FOR ALL WHO LOVE MELODIC HARD ROCK!)

    The album was produced / mixed by music producer "Alexander Oriz" and mastered the "Micke Lind" known for his work with DIO, TALISMAN and LION'S SHARE!

    With a strong material and an awesome stage show "Oriz" is more than ready to rock the world and offer an unforgettable show that people never will forget!

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