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Xibalba is an American hardcore band from Pomona, California, formed in 2007. They play a blend of hardcore and death metal, with some doom metal tendencies, with lyrics in English and Spanish, but not in Mayan. Their debut album, Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias (2011) was released through A389 Recordings.[2] Their second album, Hasta La Muerte (2012), was released by Southern Lord.[1]


The band started in 2007 in Pomona, California when long time friends Nate, Brian, Jason and Bryan wanted to play dark and heavy music as opposed to the hardcore punk bands they were in before. In 2012, the band went on an Australian tour with Warbrain and Incendiary.[2] In 2013, they traveled with the "No Way Out" U.S. tour with headliners The Acacia Strain, and Within the Ruins, Fit for an Autopsy, and American Me.[3] Xibalba was toured on the "Die Knowing" U.S. tour alongside with Comeback Kid, Backtrack, Downpresser, and To the Wind.

Xibalba é outra banda que faz parte na nova geração do Hardcore Underground. só que desse vez som bem pesado e mais arrastado, puxando para os lados do Doom Metal.


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